About Us
Pastor Bill Huff
The Pentecostals of Owensboro began in May of 1999 with Pastor Bill Huff, his wife Cindy, and their two sons; Brandon (13 at the time) and Travis (soon to be 11). They began in an old storefront located on the corner of 9th Street and Walnut. Over the next several months the church began to grow and was in need of a larger facility. 

In September 2001, the church was able to move to its second location on 702 E. 14th Street. There the church rented two buildings, one for the auditorium, and the other for Sunday school. 
As the result of continued outreach and evangelism, God continued to give Revival. Before long the church outgrew these facilities as well and was again in need of a larger building. 

In January 2006, the church was able to purchase and move into its third location at 2134 Hwy 81. This 8,900 S.F. building provided a 250 seat sanctuary, offices, and much needed Sunday School space. 
Because of God’s Promises, and obedience to the Great Commission, we found ourselves once again in need of larger facilities. Yet, during this time waiting for God to fulfill prophetic promises that were given to us in the year 2000 and again in more detail in 2005. 

In October 2015, these prophetic promises came to pass. We were able to purchase a 32,000 S.F. building sitting on ten acres of land, which we are now in the process of completely remodeling. This building includes a 350 seat auditorium, many large classrooms, children’s church, offices, fellowship hall, and a banquet room. 

At this time we are making preparation to move into our fourth building as soon as the remodeling project is completed.
We truly believe God has called us for such a time as this. Revival and Apostolic Restoration belongs to his Church today. The Great Commission, Jesus taught by word and deed is still the same today as it was in the New Testament. If we will GO, REACH, TEACH and PREACH, He will save our cities. All He is looking for is a willing vessel. We continue to earnestly seek God for wisdom and direction that we may continue to reap the harvest He has promised. 

Pastor and Sis. Huff, are not only grateful for the blessings of God in the church but grateful for the blessings of God in their family. Continuing to minister closely alongside them are,  Brandon and Stephanie (son and daughter-in-law) with Layla Grace (papaw & granny’s granddaughter); and Travis and Monica (son and daughter-in-law).